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Alain Caron - Music Review

Becoming a professional musician at a very early age, Alain Caron is a considerably accomplished bass player. He attended the Berklee College of Music. One of his first excursions into jazz was playing with the Vic Vogel Big Band during the 1970s. In 1977 he co-founded the group UZEB. Their first album, Live in Bracknell, was released in 1981. The following year saw the group putting out Fast Emotion. The next album was 1984's You Be Easy. 1985 saw them release Between the Lines. Two more live albums, Live a l'Olympia and Absolutely Live came out in 1986. The group released Noisy Nights and Live in Europe in 1988. The following year saw the release of UZEB Club. World Tour '90 was released in 1990. In 1992, Caron formed his own group, le Band and released the first album by that group, Alain Caron -- le Band. He also found time to record a bass duet album with Michel Donato and perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival with UZEB. 1993 saw Caron record with Leni Stern, tour with that band, as well as doing a tour of Quebec with le Band and performing with Donato -- Caron. The next year saw the first major 
tour of his group as well as some other performances with other musicians. 1995 saw the release by le Band of Rhythm 'n Jazz and another European tour for the group. For the next couple of years he frantically performed with a number of different artists. The third le Band album, Play, was also released in 1997. Again, he took a couple more years performing with various artists, including le Band and, notably, Gino Vanelli. In 2000 he released the fourth album by le Band, Call Me Al!. Gary Hill, Rovi


  • Le Band - 1993
  • Rhythm ´n Jazz - 1995
  • Play - 1997
  • Call Me Al - 2000
  • 5 - 2003
  • 5 Live - 2006
  • Conversations - 2007
  • Sep7entrion - 2010
  • 5 Live (DVD) - 2006

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James Cammack - Music Review

James Cammack is a very well-known bass player from New York in the United States to France over seas. Born on April 15th, 1956 in Birmingham, Alabama, James moved to Cherry hill, New Jersey when he was just a child. James was known for playing instruments in school from middle to high. When James finished school, he joined the west point army band. while there he met a great pianist and friend, the late franko richmond. Ahmad Jamal discovered James through franko and decided to take him along the way. They've been playing together for over 27 years and have done quiet a lot of traveling. As of right now, james is still working with mr jamal. James is a well recognized bass player and deserves a spot in the history books............ written by josh cammack.............. Bassist James Cammack........... In a feature article on James Cammack, Bass Player Magazine reviewer Richard Johnston nick-named James, who was at the time a Chicago resident, “Chicago fire,” for his hard-driving, creative approach to playing both acoustic and electric bass. At rehearsals of even the most complicated jazz pieces, Cammack just puts a finger on his instrument to find the key, asks for the general feel, and takes off. An extremely sensitive player, Cammack is an excellent sideman and his own solos demonstrate both virtuosity and musicality. It’s no wonder. For the past 26 years, James Cammack has performed continuously with legendary pianist Ahmad Jamal. Cammack has visited more than 30 countries backing Jamal and has also toured with singer Nancy Wilson, tubist Howard Johnson, and singer Vanessa Rubin. He has performed in some of the world’s most famous jazz clubs such as the Village Vanguard in New York City and Yoshi’s in San Francisco; and major jazz festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Italy’s Umbria Jazz Festival, and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. Cammack has several recordings with Ahmad Jamal under his belt, including Rossiter Road (Atlantic), which reached the number-five position on the jazz chart billboard and the last release is It’s Magic(Dreyfus). There is also a new dvd just released,Ahmad Jamnal Live In Baalbeck. He has also recorded with pianist Chris Neville, Russian actress Natalia Nazorova, tubist Howard Johnson, and Senegal super star, to name a few. A piano and trumpet student in his early years, Cammack is largely self-taught. He became interested in playing the bass through an uncle who was also a professional musician. Later, by the recommendation of a high school teacher, Cammack was accepted into the West Point jazz band following an audition. During his stint in the military, Cammack had ample opportunity to play weddings, shows, and jazz gigs in the New York area and learned his trade. A great music associate, pianist and mentor, the late Frank Richmond, mentioned Cammack’s name to Ahmad Jamal, who snapped him up right after West Point. James Cammack is a brilliant performer and offers the highest caliber of jazz, R&B and almost any style music out there. A NOTE FROM JIM. just a little info on my instruments i have two jazz basses, american standard with emg pickups, thru the body stringing, a mexican jazz with emg pickups, which is my favorite one for soloing and slap, three alembics, 74 series I fretted, 77 series II fretless, 93 5 strg essence fretted, meat and potato bass.....big ol' sound. two ibanez acoustic bass guitars, both beatiful... and ibanez gio soundgear four strg, good for traveling when i need a warmup bass for upright playing. a lot of the time i can't take my upright bass........ i have two uprights, 8yr old new standard "cleveland model" and a three hundred yr old tyrolean bass, 5/8 size ........ .. .. 

Play with Ahmad Jamal Trio

Oteil Burbrige - Music Review

Although Oteil and the Peacemakers is made up of incredibly talented musicians the music and the story always comes back to Grammy-nominated Oteil Burbridge. His solo band features a blend of jazz, jam, funk and gospel grooves – and tremendously catchy words and melodies – that promises to propel this band into the jam – and jazz – forefront. In addition to Burbridge, the band consists of Chris Fryar on drums, Mark Kimbrell on guitars and Matt Slocum on keys. Burbridge’s influences include jazz greats such as Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Alphonso Johnson, and Aston "Family Man" Barrett, along with funk masters Larry Graham, James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, Willie Weeks, Jerry Jemmott, Rocco Prestia, Bootsy Collins and George Porter, Jr. In fact, cognoscenti and press who witnessed Oteil’s virtuoso performance of Pastorius’ “Three Views of a Secret” at last year’s Beacon Theater tribute uniformly called it the high point of the evening.
Burbridge has always been in demand as a session and live sideman – recently, he was simultaneously a member of six different bands! His first step into the national spotlight came in 1991, when he became a founding member of the Aquarium Rescue Unit, a legendary jam outfit that still does the occasional reunion gig. He is probably best known, though, for his membership in The Allman Brothers Band since 1997. He was an immediate success with ABB fans, earning raves for his six string bass version of “Little Martha.” His work with the band also earned him two Grammy nominations for best rock instrumental, in 2004 and in 2005. Along the way, he found time to collaborate with Phish’s Page McConnell and The Funky Meters’ Russell Battiste on the jam unit Vida Blue.
Burbridge has dropped all of his side projects recently, preferring to focus on The Allman Brothers Band and Oteil and the Peacemakers. Although Burbridge’s resume must dominate any story about the Peacemakers, each of the members of the band brings important elements to the whole. Drummer Chris Fryar played with the blues-rock touring group Gravy. He has also done session/side work with acts as diverse as Robert Moore and the Wildcats, Charles Neville. Keyboardist Matt Slocum was classically trained, attending the New England Conservatory of Music. As the newest member of the band, he adds precise musicianship to the mix. Guitarist Mark Kimbrell is also a veteran of the session scene, and brings astounding guitar virtuosity to the album.

Discography :
  • Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit (1989) – Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit
  • Mirrors of Embarrassment (1992) – Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit
  • Eepeee (1994) – Aquarium Rescue Unit
  • In a Perfect World (1994) – Aquarium Rescue Unit
  • Gossip (1996) – T Lavitz
  • Surrender to the Air (1996) – Surrender to the Air
  • The Calling (1997) – Aquarium Rescue Unit
  • What Did He Say? (1997) – Victor Wooten
  • Bass Extremes: Cookbook (1998) – Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten
  • Bass Day '98 (1999) – various artists
  • Searching for Simplicity (1998) – Greg Allman
  • Stranger's Hand (1999) — Oteil Burbridge, Howard Levy, Jerry Goodman, Steve Smith
  • Peakin' at the Beacon (2000) – The Allman Brothers Band
  • Love of a Lifetime (2000) – Oteil and the Peacemakers
  • Vida Blue (2002) - Vida Blue
  • Family Secret (2003) – Oteil and the Peacemakers
  • Hittin' the Note (2003) – The Allman Brothers Band
  • The Illustrated Band (2003) - Vida Blue
  • Live in NYC 6/16/04 (2005) – Heavenly Jams Band
  • One Way Out (2004) – The Allman Brothers Band
  • Believer (2005) – Oteil and the Peacemakers
  • Go There (2007) – Scott Sawyer

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David Dyson - Music Review

Born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1965, David was brought to Washington, D.C. by his parents at the early age of two. He began his education in D.C. public schools, later moving to the metropolitan Washington area and attending Maryland public schools. During this period, David played the baritone (euphonium) in school and in county orchestras earning superior ratings on his instrument. After hearing recordings of Larry Graham and Louis Johnson, the desire to switch to the bass was overwhelming. At age 12, David's parents presented him with a beginner's bass guitar. Excelling rapidly, he eventually achieved the "outstanding bandmember" award during his high school senior year. After witnessing David's participation in school, church, local top 40, R&B, funk, and go-go bands (along with numerous studio sessions with local gospel artists), his parents were convinced that his talent was worth nurturing and were supportive to David's matriculation at Berklee College of Music, where more growth ensued. Exposed to various idioms, David was able to absorb an array of musical flavors as well as perform in diverse musical situations. Upon graduation, David locked in the position of bassist with Polygram recording artist Walter Beasley. In January, 1989, he was called to audition for Maurice Starr (Producer of New Kids On the Block) and landed the gig. Eventually earning the position of musical director, David helped to take their live show to an unprecedented pinnacle. In February 1992, he moved on to tour and/or record with a vast selection of artists spanning from the world renown jazz saxophonist, Chico Freeman, to the R&B fame of songwriter/singer/bassist and 1997 Downbeat Poll winner, Me'Shell N'degeocello. In May of 1997, David began touring with Me'Shell N'degeocello. In addition to performing as a solo artist with his band, He also records and performs with various artists in between tours. In early 1999, David recorded his debut CD entitled "Soulmates" which received worldwide critical acclaim. (Click on "Lo'hand Funk" icon for purchase inquiries). In December 1999, Dyson formed an allegiance with the Marimelj Entertainment Group which led to the release of "Soulmates", nationally, through Warner Brothers(WEA). His second release, "The Dawning" also garnering critical acclaim was released on his own label "Lohandfunk". Throughout his career, David has earned quite a reputation as a bassist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. He continues to strive for excellence as one of today's most promising artists.


  • New Kids on the Block – Step by Step (1990)
  • Chico Freeman & Brainstorm – Threshold (1992)
  • Jack Lee – Gracefulee (1993), Where My Heart Goes (1996), Into the Night (1997), Message From Paris (2000)
  • Norman Hedman – Flight of the Spirit (1994)
  • Takeshi Itoh ("TK") – Groove Island (1994), T.K. Covers (1995)
  • Hino/Kikuchi Quintet – Moment (1996)
  • Masabumi Kikuchi/DJ Katsuya/DJ Hiro – Raw Material #1/M. Kikuchi (1996)
  • Steve Coleman – Genesis (1997), The Opening of the Way (1996)
  • Lee Eun Jeo – Monotone (1996)
  • Bob Belden/Cassandra Wilson/Javon Jackson/Dianne Reeves – Strawberry Fields (1996)
  • John Stoddart – Love So Real (1997)
  • Bob Belden – Tapestry (1997), Black Dahlia (2001)
  • Various Artists – Drums Project on the 3 (Jpn) (1998)
  • The Shekinah Music & Arts Academy Mass Choir – Perfecting Our Praise (1998)
  • David Dyson – Soulmates (1999), The Dawning (2004), Unleashed (2008)
  • Scritti Politti – Anomie & Bonhomie (1999)
  • Suttle Thoughts – Carribbean Nights (1999)
  • Tim Hagans – Animation/Imagination (1999)
  • Meshell Ndegeocello – Lilith Fair Vol.3 (1999)
  • K'Alyn – CoCo (1999), The Beauty Of (2002)
  • Cabo Frio – Late Return (20th Anniversary CD) (2000)
  • Marcus Johnson – Urban Grooves (2000), Just Doing What I Do (2004), In Concert for a Cause (2006), Phoenix (2007), This is How I Rock (2010)
  • Marimelj Collective – It Takes a Village (2000)
  • Hagens/Belden – Re-Animation Live (2000)
  • Jaared – Forward (2001)
  • Pieces of a Dream – Aquainted With the Night (2001), Love's Silhouette (2002), No Assembly Required (2004), Soul Intent (2009)
  • Jack Lee & Toninho Horta – Belo to Soul (2002), Episodes with Bob James (TBA)
  • Philip Bailey – Soul on Jazz (2002)
  • Skip Pruitt – Eternity (2002)
  • Yahzahrah – Black Star (2003)
  • Ron Holloway – Live at the Montpelier Cultural Center (2003)
  • Marshall Keys – Times Aligned (2003)
  • Vince Evans – Emergence (2003)
  • Monique Steel – The Monique Steel Project (2003)
  • Yvonne Johnson – Malcolm's Set (2003)
  • Stoney Ellis – Love Changes (2003)
  • Frederic Yonnet – Front & Center (2004)
  • Bobby Lyle – Straight & Smooth (2004)
  • Alyson Williams – It's About Time (2004)
  • Jazziz magazine – Cool Summer vol.3 (2004)
  • Brian Lenair – The Journey (2004)
  • Art Sherrod – All 4 Love (2004)
  • Kim Jordan – Full Circle (2004)
  • Three Keys – Men in Action Against Breast Cancer (2005), Private Stock (2005)
  • Various Bassists – As One (The Tsunami Relief Project) (2005)
  • Temika Moore – Doing Just Fine (2005)
  • Jonathan Butler – Jonathan (2005)
  • Tracy Hamlin – Seasons (2005), Better Days (2009)
  • Kendall King – For a Reason (2005)
  • Keith Ailer – Solacoustics (2005)
  • Peter White – Playin Favorites (2006)
  • Rick Braun – Yours Truly (2006)
  • Nolan Williams – Inspirations (2007)
  • Benjie Porecki – How Does It Feel? (2007)
  • Jackiem Joyner – Baby Soul (2007)
  • Al Williams – Heart Song (2008)
  • Najee – Rising Sun (2009)

Gerald Veasley - Music Review

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gerald Veasley is an excellent bassist who has played his share of commercial music but definitely has the chops needed for more improvisatory settings. Veasley was exposed to gospel and R&B as a child and went on to play in various R&B bands in West Philly as a teenager in the late '60s and 1970s. Along the way, he discovered jazz and came to appreciate Weather Report and Return to Forever as much as he appreciated Earth, Wind & Fire and Smokey Robinson. Veasley has cited Jaco Pastorius, Anthony Jackson, and Stanley Clarke as his main influences on electric bass, and has named Oscar Pettiford and Paul Chambers as his favorites on the acoustic bass. Having held the music of Weather Report and Pastorius in such high regard, Veasley was delighted when, in 1988, Weather Report co-founder Joe Zawinul hired him as a sideman. Veasley, who stayed with Zawinul until 
1995, signed with Heads Up International in the early '90s and recorded his first album for the label, Look Ahead, in 1992 before providing Signs in 1994 and Soul Control in 1997. Veasley continued with the label, issuing the mellow, smooth album Love Letters in 1999, then returned in 2001 with On the Fast Track, an energetic, funk-inflected return to the grooves of his early career.


Look Ahead (Heads Up International, 1992)
Signs (Heads Up, 1996)
Soul Control (Heads Up, 1997)
Love Letters (Heads Up, 1999)
On the Fast Track (Heads Up, 2001)
Velvet (Heads Up, 2003)
At the Jazz Base! (Heads Up, 2005)
Your Move (Heads Up, 2008)

Sample Song From Gerald Veasley  ~Click Here~

Bunny Brunel - Music Review

Bernard Brunel, March 1950, Nice, France. Brunel began his musical studies at the age of six, and three years later was concentrating on piano. At the start of his teenage years, he played guitar in a band at his school and shortly thereafter switched to electric bass. Although this change was largely by chance, an instrument was available but there was no one else at the school who wanted to play it, the move was fortuitous. In his teens, Brunel played bass in various rock and R&B bands but then, in the 70s, he went to live in Paris. There he played in studios but found time to play jazz, working with, among others, Daniel Humair. Around this time, his interest in Brazilian music led to the formation of his own small group. Hired by Tania Maria, he played numerous engagements including one at Ronnie Scott’s club in London where he was heard by Chick Corea. At that time Corea was seeking a replacement for Stanley Clarke who had decided to move on. This was in 1978 and Brunel accordingly relocated to Los Angeles, California, USA where he played with Corea on Secret Agent and Tap Step. In addition to his work with Corea, Brunel quickly became involved in session work, playing with several leading jazz musicians, including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Mike Stern and Tony Williams. He also appeared on sessions with jazz and pop singers, among whom were Al Jarreau and Natalie Cole. In the 90s, Brunel formed the successful CAB with drummer Dennis Chambers and guitarist Tony MacAlpine, later recording the accomplished fusion sets CAB and CAB2.
A formidable technician with an inventive mind and enormous enthusiasm for his music, Brunel is also active as a teacher, conducting seminars and giving lessons. He is the author of several instruction manuals and has also produced educational videos. Additionally, he is a composer, having contributed music for a number of motion picture and television soundtracks. Brunel has also been involved in the design of a range of electric bass guitars, including an upright version of the instrument.

  • Touch (1979)
  • Ivanhoe (1980)
  • Momentum (1996)
  • Brunel's LA Zoo (1998)
  • Dedication (1993)
  • For You to Play (1994)
  • LA Zoo Revisited (2005)
  • Cafe Au Lait (2005)
With CAB band:
  • Cab 1 (2000)
  • Cab 2 (2001)
  • Cab 4 (2003)
  • Cab Live At The Baked Potato (2006)
  • Cab Live On Sunset (2011) CD & DVD
  • As well as 3 Video CAB 1, CAB 2 and CAB at MI
With Pomeroy
  • "Cocoon Club" (2001)
Didier Lockwood
  • Lockwood (1975)
With Chick Corea
  • Secret Agent (1978)
  • Tap Step (1979)
With Michel Polnareff
  • Ze Tour (2007)

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Baron Browne - Music Review

Born and raised in Georgia, USA, Baron Browne gravitated to music at a very early age, learning to play his uncle's drumset at 7 years old. As a teenager he dabbled in piano lessons and at age 12 played guitar for a year before realizing that bass guitar was to be his instrument.
At age 18, Baron was launched into the professional music scene right out of high school, moving to Boston and studying at the Berklee School of Music. After studying at the prestigious school for a year, he began working full time in Boston with artists such as Kevin EubanksTiger OkoshiMike Stern, Bill Frisell and Dean Brown.
In 1983, Baron received a call from jazz-fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. After touring for three years and recording three albums with Ponty, Billy Cobham came calling. Baron traveled extensively throughout Europe and the U.S. with the legendary drummer. After three years and two albums with Cobham, Baron returned to the Ponty band for more work.
In 1992, Baron joined the group Steps Ahead featuring Mike Mainieri and "Saturday Night Live" saxophonist Alex Foster. One year later he was invited by renowned jazz vibraphonist Gary Burton to join him for tours of Japan, Europe and the U.S.
Baron's versatility with playing all styles of music allowed him to also perform with R&B and Pop artists such as Brian McKnightTom Jones and Exposé.
In 1996, Ponty called on Baron once again to record his first live album in over 20 years ("Live at Chene Park"). The album received rave reviews from jazz critics. In 1997 Baron's talents were secured by renowned Journey drummer Steve Smith for a European tour with his group Vital Information.
The sought-after bassist has made several television appearances, including "The Pat Sajak Show" on CBS and "Ohne Filter" in Germany.
Baron can be heard on many albums by jazz recording artist Walter Beasley. Walter's album "For Your Pleasure" reached the number one spot on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart. Because of Baron's musical experience, Walter also made Baron musical director of his touring band.
In 1999 Baron went on an extensive tour of Europe, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand with Steve Smith and Vital Information to help promote their CD entitled "Where We Come From." A double live CD called "Live Around The World" documenting the band on that tour was released Sept. 2000.
In the year 2002 Baron continued to tour with Vital Information to promote the CD "Show ‘Em Where You Live." He was also included in the writing and producing of this album.
While working with Vital Info, Steve Smith also uses Baron for his Buddy Rich tribute band Buddy's Buddies with Mark Soskin and Buddy Rich alumni Steve Marcus and Andy Fusco. They have released two live recordings showcasing that lineup, "Very Live at Ronnie Scotts' Set 1 and Set 2."
As of 2004, Baron continues to write and perform with Vital Information as a full-fledged member. Their latest release "Come On In" received rave reviews from jazz critics around the world.
Baron has continued to be a major force in the music industry. He has expanded his range to include producing and arranging for other artists as well as his own projects.
  • Tiger Okoshi, Muddcake (JVC)
  • Frank Quintero, Frank Quintero (CBS Venezuela)
  • Kevin Eubanks, Sundance (GRP)
  • Jean-Luc Ponty, Fables (Atlantic)
  • Jean-Luc Ponty, The Gift of Time (Atlantic)
  • Jean-Luc Ponty, Storytelling (Atlantic)
  • Jean-Luc Ponty, Live at Chene Park (Atlantic)
  • Billy Cobham, Warning (GRP)
  • Billy Cobham, Power Play (GRP)
  • Mark O'Conner, Heroes (CBS)
  • Walter Beasley, Tonight We Love (Shenachie) (also listed as Arranger)
  • Walter Beasley, For Your Pleasure (Shenachie) (also listed as Producer)
  • Gabriela Anders, Wanting (CBS)
  • Walter Beasley, Won’t You Let Me Love You (Shenachie)
  • Walter Beasley, Rendevous (Shenachie) (also listed as Producer)
  • Walter Beasley, Go With The Flow (Shenachie)
  • Vital Information, Live Around The World (Intuition)
  • Aydin Esen, Timescape (BMG)
  • Vital Information, Show ‘Em Where You Live (Tone Center)
  • Steve Smith and Buddy’s Buddies, Very Live At Ronnie Scott’s - Set One(Tone Center)
  • Steve Smith and Buddy’s Buddies, Very Live At Ronnie Scott’s - Set Two(Tone Center)
  • Steve Smith and Vital Information, Come On In (Tone Center)
  • Andrea Bocelli, Andrea (Sugar)
Baron has also toured and performed with Angela Bofill, Stanley Clarke, Tom Browne, Billy Cobham, Kevin Eubanks, Lonnie Liston Smith, Noel Pointer, Freddie Hubbard, Tiger Okoshi, Kenny G, Jean-Luc Ponty, Dave Valentine, Stanley Turrentine, Gary Burton, Mike Manieri and Steps Ahead, Larry Coryell, Randy Brecker, Al Dimeola, Exposé, Tom Jones, Brian McKnight, Walter Beasley, and Aydin Esen, Tommy Campbell and Andrea Bocelli.

Baron  Browne Play with Steve Smith

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